Im funny these days

Thats what my daughter says all the time  to me these days. I can’ t help but think if thats a good thing or not.  Is too funny a bad thing ? Yeah , it causes serious time delay when I’m trying to get her to do some math and her laughter puts the brakes on our efforts…. So much for using humor to diffuse the tension in the air created by difficult math problems… ..

Ananya loves to laugh and waits for the moment with eyes shining…When she was younger she would come alive at parties with a clown or magician only because they provided those moments….Sitting in the first row her laughs would be the loudest I could be sure the one kid doubling up uncontrollably was mine…Her teacher who would be reading a funny story in class would have to pull on a serious face and ask my daughter to “Cut it out ” for the story to continue….I swear Ive heard her laughing in her dreams many a time too.

But we must get to solving that homework every day and practice for those dreadful exams . Its amazing how much she resists it in the beginning and as soon as she finds out that its not as tough as she thought , there is a sea change in her attitude. She will readily tackle a challenging one too.  Its a daily routine we must engage in..The day she readily gives in Im gonna die of heart failure….Her creativity  amazes me too…In her English work she often has to make sentences out of a few words and using more than 1 in the same sentence is allowed.  Ananya will usually be so lazy and yet think enough to string a lot of them into a single, meaningful sentence. Such moments make me feel I did something good for her all along and there is hope …. for the two of us !!!


One Response to “Im funny these days”

  1. Chitra Says:

    Ananya as her mother will be brilliant, intelligent and creative academically and otherwise too..God Bless

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