About me

I could go on and on about me and mine. Im still unearthing fun facts about myself all the time  and some nasty ones too. I am a passionate foodie, decent cook always on the lookout for a savoury, tasty dish. I love watching movies especially Hindi movies and am xtremly passionate about movies and music .   I am a nature lover and green hills, waterfalls and the ocean put me on cloud 9. I am a history buff and love to read biographies and  museums  and have a huge crush on Indiana Jones.. I believe childhood is blessed and the simplest we will ever be.  I am very good at wasting time effectively and love to daydream for hours on end or so Im told. I shall attribute it to good imagination. I like to think that Im easy going, thoroughly laidback and above all a cool cat …who doesnt :-)but  most of all I love to laugh and the best times I remember in my life are filled with friend, family and laughter.

I love cool quotes and one goes like this “A stranger is just another friend you haven’t met yet “.. ciao then


One Response to “About me”

  1. Shalini Says:

    You are so cute Bharathi :-). Love you and best of luck for your blog.

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